– Registered Hindsight Rated End User Or Rated Customer –

Your Information Is Incredibly Precious
As it needs to be.

You’re information is precious. As a true ‘Customer Relationship Management Tool’ and ‘Customer Accountability Platform’, we feel that all parties within the Hindsight Rated Community should be accountable, including ourselves at Hindsight Rated. Bar the ratings and reviews, any information available to be viewed by anyone using the Hindsight Rated application is only ever that which is widely available already.

That is, put more simply, unless you as the Hindsight Rated Community Member or ‘End User’ have inputted such customer information into the system, only then will you be able to view a ‘Customers’ contact details or personal information accessible under the ‘My Customer’ tab in the ‘Search Customer’ section of Your Hindsight Rated app.

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All customer reviews are heavily scrutinised by analysts before acceptance and allowed to be viewed by other End Users.

The information of the End User is used to make sure that the system is not abused and everyone can benefit…. Its really that simple.

Apart from what you see above, we do nothing with your information. The Hindsight Rated concept is one of accountability, fairness and trust.

We developed Hindsight Rated so that you could bring balance and accountability to your dealing with customers. We didn’t create such an amazing, culture changing platform, just to get your information, we could do that by simply going to and states .Gov website or property appraiser.

Hindsight Rated was created to help you command your customers!

Trust In Hindsight Rated

Hindsight Rated does not sell any personal information to anyone, anywhere, ever!

In the near future, Hindsight Rated is set to evolve, and offer you a way of searching for products, special offers and even partnerships, via the addition of a fully searchable ‘Whats In It For Me’ section, within the menu section of your app.

No direct marketing will be allowed, we know how irritating and time sucking this can be.

We will however, have this section laid out:

  • The ‘For Me’ section, a fully customisable section which will be geared around your business sector, geographical area or specific skill sets.
  • A fully searchable ‘Whats Out There’ section where you can find products and offers specific to the Hindsight Rated Community.


  • The ‘Who’s Out There’ section, where you can find business listings of those trusted companies within the Hindsight Rated Community.

We hope to make what you do easier and what we offer, as easy and comfortable to use as possible, without the interruption that interference causes.

At Hindsight Rated, it really is all about you, the ‘End User’ and what we can do to save you time, money and stress, whilst also keeping to our core values.

  • Bring balance through accountability of the customer.
  • Help create a safe environment for your business to operate.
  • Allow for better business to customer communication.
  • Remove the stigma of asking directly for your invoices to be paid.
  • Provide a platform for greater efficiency throughout the interaction cycle.
  • Allow your business to make more informed decisions when deciding how on whether to work with customers.
  • Change how ‘The Customer’ sees and interacts with your small business, the people within, and the importance of its place within the wider community as a whole.

You didn’t join our community to let us target you by using your information, and we didn’t create Hindsight Rated to up sell or waste your time.

If you would like to reach out to the founder of Hindsight Rated, for what ever reason, here is my information, please reach out with any questions, queries or suggestions to me directly by clicking on this link – Gavin Hesketh LinkedIn. Please be nice!