Hindsight Rated Is A Proper Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM) – It Actually Allows You To Manage Your Customer……

What Is Hindsight Rated

You have an idea. You make the moves to give life to your passion. You develop the skills needed to manage all aspects of your new venture. You find the funding to start and run your business. You sacrifice everyday. The people around you make changes to allow for you to have the best chances of following that dream you’ve been talking about for so very long. You spend time researching and interviewing for the prefect suppliers. How long did it take to realise the perfect name and then that logo?

You finally put yourself, your hopes and your dreams out there for people to see and hopefully take advantage of.

…… And then comes the customer who ____________ (fill in the blank).

It isn’t uncommon to receive emails at 1am. It isn’t uncommon to be asked to seat negotiations after the work has been completed.

The Customer Call - Hindsight Rated
That call at 9pm fully expecting you to drop everything…..

I myself have had a customer put his foot on my back when looking under his home during a visit for a quotation, He was “showing off” to one of our female operation managers, and I was dressed as a field electrician for whatever reason. During the call he spoke down to me and made gestures at me when he thought I was unaware.

It is unavoidable to run into less that savoury characters, people who feel that they can treat you, your people and your company in anyway they see fit and then of course dangle the threat of a bad review over your head when you react in a less than professional manner towards them.


Now we have the ability to bring accountability to these people and guide them towards a better way.

**Hindsight Rated helps you to reduce Late and Non-Payment of invoices**

As business owners, we should be able bring our goods, our services and our expertise for those people without, to take advantage of at our price, without the enormous cost of the less than great customer.

What Is Hindsight Rated, Customer Reviews
This is what your customer receives when you rated them – They rate you right back!!

If you are a business owner who has never run into a customer who has refused to pay for goods and services received or been unfair in anyway, Hindsight Rated is for you. If you are a business owner who deals with the aforementioned customers on a regular basis, Hindsight Rated is for you.

**Carry out rapid, live background checks before working with the customer**

Hindsight Rated and the Hindsight Rated Community has been created specifically, to help those customers who are amazing, to receive better service and be treated as such due to their 5 star rated past.

Hindsight Rated and the Hindsight Rated Community has been created specifically so that a business can approach the 5 star customer without the suspicion caused by the need to treat every customer as if they mean to do harm.

Hindsight Rated is getting paid on time.

Is customer background checks.

Is reviews for your business.

Hindsight Rated is informed decision making.

Is stress avoidance.

Hindsight Rated is employee happiness.

Hindsight Rated is accountability.

Is organisation.

Is customer retention.

Is more word of mouth custom.

Is a great customer base built with great customers.

Hindsight Rated is time and money saved.

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Consumer information is used every second of everyday, often this information is out of the reach of the average small business and of very little real world use….. Since an estimated 99.9% of all business is small business, we feel this should change.