All round accountability – A new but very familiar concept

Three Things We Need

There are just three things that anyone, in the developed world, needs…… According to me that is.

I like to think of these as my “unbreakables”.

  1. A purpose, usually in the form of a job, a career or a full-time driven goal.
  2. A car, a van, a bus, anything reliable that helps you to be reliable but also to help you explore more easily. Not a bike or at least not only a bike, see number 3.


3. A dog. Any dog. Big, small, smelly, hairy, teethy, jowly…. You get the point.

Anything else will usually come as a result of one of the above and everything else, although in its own way can have its own value, takes away from one or more of the three things.

When we think about values, we usually think of the positives, the plus points and the benefits of those values held.

At Hindsight Rated we feel it necessary to hold onto the positives behind what we do and along with the benefits of bringing accountability to the side of the customer, we feel that there must be that same accountability that we as a business community must be held to. Turning the tables, as it were, on the customer, to many is a strange concept. It is one that is certainly needed and until now has caused enormous financial drain, lost jobs and businesses to fail.

Accountability – Accountability – Accountability – Accountability

When registering with the Hindsight Rated Community, the reason that you are asked for certain information is so that we can hold you and your business to a high standard and this is our unbreakable and simply not a question of anything but.

The two contentious requirements upon registration – Answered

All of The Information All The Accountability
But why?????????????
  • You must be a registered business to be a member of Hindsight Rated and as such easily provide an EIN (Employment Identification Number) or Tax ID which is publicly available and anyone can find this number online. If in doubt ask your accountant or bookkeeper.
  • Although the application is device based, this cannot always guarantee who is using it, this is the reason that we ask for the Photo/Selfie with Photo ID.
Accountability, Accountability, Accountability, Accountability, Accountability, Accountability, Accountability, Accountability

We believe that high standards should be held onto and as such believe that, if you have a business but aren’t registered as a business, you should not be part of the Hindsight Rated Community or benefit from the knowledge imparted by companies who play their full part in society, you know, the ones who pay their taxes …… Every self employed person, business owner and company is issued a number and it is very easily found, give it a go, it should only take 30 seconds. The people who abuse the system are more likely to be put off from doing our community which is only a good thing for our community.

We also believe that when it is known who is writing comments and reviews, those people are more likely to be more controlled in their approach and less likely to abuse the system in which they are a part.

The thing is, as you will most certainly understand, that with any new concept such as Hindsight Rated, which is all about breaking down the wall that has been built via the “The Customer Is Always Right’ slogan, we need to make sure that we are doing the right thing by both parties, limit abuse and be as open and honest as we can about what it is we do and why we do it. All we ask is that you make sure that every member of the Hindsight Rated Community is playing their part.

You can be confident that we hold every member our community to the highest standards.